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Loosbrock Digging Service, Inc. is a family owned business established in 1968 by Florian Loosbrock. The company began working with underground cable installation and other underground excavation needs. In 1995, current owner Bruce and his wife, Brenda, bought the company from his father. In 1997 the company was incorporated. Today we employee 18-25 employees that are broken down into 3-4 crews. Each of these crews is furnished with the proper equipment to complete the project they are assigned to. Each crew is headed by a Supervisor or Foreman to oversee operations and make sure everything is being executed properly. We do various project work for several companies in the Tri-state area (Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota). Loosbrock Digging Service strives for honesty, integrity and dependability. Our equipment and techniques keep up with today's technology in the field and office. We continue to provide the best service with competitive pricing to all our customers. We are always looking to increase our customer base and extend our services to all those who may need it.

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