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The State Bank of Lismore is an independently owned community bank that was chartered in 1900. The bank is over $47 million in assets strong and has consistently achieved Bauer Financial’s five star “SUPERIOR” rating, indicating that it is one of the safest banks in the United States. Defined in one sentence, “Not the biggest, but the only bank you’ll ever need.” We are dedicated to meeting all the financial needs of our customers while retaining the small family bank atmosphere. We are able to accomplish this by blending modern technology with solid banking principles.

Chartered December 11th, 1900 - the State Bank of Lismore celebrated it’s 100 year anniversary in December 2000. We are truly a family institution, as our current Vice President and Assistant Cashier are fourth generation bankers. These words written about the bank in an article in the Lismore Free Press dated December 1st, 1925 hold even greater meaning today... “The best years of service are before them, and they are more than ever in a position to meet any needs of their customers.”

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