On September 7, 1889 a group of far-sighted farmers of Osceola County, Iowa met at the courthouse in Sibley to organize a Farmers Mutual Fire and Lightning Insurance Association. After some discussion, the 24 persons present agreed that organization of such an association would be both fitting and proper. Insurance facilities in these early days were not readily available and roving solicitors had victimized many farmers. The principle source of insurance was eastern companies, which were neither close to nor acquainted with farm problems. The decision then was to organize a locally owned and governed insurance association. The by-laws of the Association were established by the original board at the courthouse in Sibley on October 19, 1889. The purpose of the Association was to serve the local community and farm areas. The total insurance volume pledged on this date was $16,580. Less than 50 farmers constituted the early membership. Farmers Mutual Insurance Association of Osceola County now serves over 1,600 policyholders and has a volume of $618,083,896 of risk in force. The Association has shown a steady growth in insurance volume, membership and cash reserve. Modern up-to-date policies now offered by the Association can be tailored with broader coverage at lower rates than most companies. This is due to the loyalty and cooperation of the policyholders and to the careful management by past and present officers and directors. The total assets have now reached $6,013,334 as a reserve, in conjunction with the realistic fiscal management over the years. It is with pride that this Association can point to the continuance of the organizational mandate, which leaves the control of the Association with the policyholders. Farmers Mutual Insurance Association of Osceola County is still a democratic organization with full voting rights vested with the members. The Association continues to be directly controlled by all of its members and not by proxy vote.