Walk into Sibley Specialty Care on any day of the week and don’t be surprised if it feels as though the staff have been waiting for you to come, invite you in and cater to the casual visitor’s needs with as much care as our residents receive. Open, friendly and attentive, our staff is the backbone of our home, many of who have served residents here for years. Located on the edge of Sibley, surrounded by grassy lawn and nearby farm country, our bright, clean facility is a breath of fresh air.

With daily visits from physical, occupational and speech therapists, each of our residents has their own customized care plan to help them regain and maintain strength, flexibility and mobility. Often, therapists work with our staff to incorporate real world movement into how the individual is benefiting from a particular therapy.

While our residents have plenty of personal private space, but most often they are enjoying socializing in the common areas playing cards, watching movies, discussing the book club’s latest book, Bingo or our afternoon coffee klatch. Small group activities get everyone involved at their own personal level of ability whether it be stirring or kneading the dough for weekly bread baking or just receiving a manicure and massage.

Drives into town to visit the local coffee shop and ice cream parlor, monthly dinner dates at the local senior center, visits to apple orchards in the fall, and even just driving around country roads during planting and harvesting season keep everyone active in the community.

“We have a really good volunteer program,” says Administrator Jessica McDyer. “A lot of churches and community members donate.” Jessica adds that she tries to find any opportunity to promote interaction with family and friends including encouraging spouses who live outside of the facility to visit daily and if they come over breakfast, lunch or dinner, can eat for free. “That way, the spouse can be a part of our family too.”

Sibley Specialty Care is a 51-bed skilled nursing facility offering rehabilitation services, skilled nursing care, long term care and hospice care. We are a part of Care Initiatives, Iowa’s largest not-for-profit skilled nursing and long term care provider.  Sibley Specialty Care accepts Medicare and Medicaid.

Also offering physical, occupational and speech therapy onsite.