WASO History and Mission - In 2010, Melanie Loy, Beth Habicht, Karen Pfeifer, and Sue Simonson, Worthington residents and members of the Great Plains String Quartet, founded the Worthington Area Orchestra. They thus began the journey of creating a new history and arts legacy for Worthington and the surrounding areas. Due to the success of the Worthington Area Orchestra, the string orchestra expanded to a full orchestra in 2011 and became the Worthington Area Symphony Orchestra (WASO). The mission of the Worthington Area Symphony Orchestra is to support quality arts education for residents of all ages, providing qualified musicians a venue to pursue their musical interests, and bringing diverse audiences together to learn about and appreciate orchestral music. WASO is a diverse, volunteer member symphony orchestra aimed at uniting its members around the joy of music, while always striving for musical growth. Each concert has brought new and exciting challenges for WASO musicians, as well as interesting variety for audience members.

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